F A L L 2 0 1 8 C L A S S E S

Intro to the Kirk
Teachers: Jonathan Jakes, Mike Kennison, and Ben Porter
Location: Chapel

Managing Our Finances God's Way
Teacher: John and Tracy Gonsior
Location: Room 119
 Special note: books are $15 (cash or check)

Co-developed with Purpose Driven Ministries and Pastor Rick Warren, this seven-week, video-based, small-group study, provides another option for studying biblical financial management in a personal or small-group setting. This workbook/study guide goes along with the Managing Finances God's Way DVD where you will hear from five renowned experts on the following topics:

- The Big Picture by Rick Warren
- Dedicate It All to God by Chip Ingram
- Plan Your Spending by Ron Blue
- Giving as an Act of Worship by Chip Ingram
- Saving and Investing by Ron Blue
- God’s Solution to Debt by Howard Dayton
- Enjoy What God Has Given You by Chuck Bentley


Teacher: Dr. Doriani
Location: Fellowship Hall

Hebrews, like an eccentric millionaire, is rich but puzzling. It is full of descriptions of Jesus found nowhere else in Scripture: He is the creator and sustainer, the radiance of God’s glory, the great high priest, the champion of God’s people who goes to war against their foe. It shows the lessons to be learned from God’s heroes, and calls God’s people to endurance and confidence. Its tone is warm and pastoral, yet intense and theological, and it’s especially helpful for anyone who is weary or facing a crisis. It will be most encouraging to spend seven weeks with this great book.

Graham/Holohan/Stegmann Community Group
Location: Room 213