Who will rise to the top of the Hills?

Please join us for the Kirk Student Ministry Tourney Challenge on!

EASY 10-Step Process to Play:

1. Go to

2. At the right side of the page, scroll over, but do not select the tab "Fantasy"

3. Look through the drop-down menu, and then select "Tournament Challenge"

4. Then select the tab titled "Groups"

5. Next, scroll down and search for the group titled "Kirk of the Skills"

6. Look below and select the blue link titled "Kirk of the Skills"

7. Next, select the blue tab "Create a Bracket Now"

8. This will prompt you to sign-in with; so, either sign-in (or sign-up) on OR just sign-in with your Facebook account (which is easy)

9. Next, create a name for your first bracket and enter the Group Password, which is “Kirk Gym"

10. Finally, add and create a name for your second bracket

***Please be sure to submit your two COMPLETED brackets by no later than early this Thursday morning.

Sit back, rest, and enjoy watching basketball with family and friends!!!

Grace changes, bring it.


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