fall 2 0 1 9 C L A S S E S

Putting Our Faith into Practice
Teachers: Dan Doriani and Tommy Hannah
Location: Fellowship Hall

This class applies Paul’s doctrinal teaching to the essential practices of a Christian: being thankful, using our gifts, loving others, even when they hurt us, submitting to authority, and getting along with each other in church.

9/8—Loving God, Body and Mind  | Romans 12:1–2

9/15—Loving God through thanksgiving and praise (Tommy Hannah) | Romans 11:33–36

9/22—Loving God and neighbor with your Gifts | Romans 12:3–8

9/29—Loving Others–Even When They Don’t Love You (at all) | Romans 12:9–21

Christ and Culture
Teachers: Michael Gibbons and Ben Kirkpatrick
Location: Room 104

This class will be centered around Dan Strange’s Plugged In with discussion around our place in culture and its place in our lives, whether it’s what we watch, read, play, or listen to. Is it possible to serve your faith with these things and not starve it? Plugged In seeks to serve your faith by helping you to engage the culture around you in a gracious, truthful, and thoughtful way. This class is an informal sequel to the Honest Evangelism class as our aim is that of the book’s—to give you the confidence to speak and think about culture in a way that points to a bigger and better reality: the story of King Jesus and his cosmic redemption.

Empower to Connect
Teachers: Jeremy Bouris and Maria Massey
Location: Chapel

Marriage Workshop: Working from the framework Sue Johnson & Kenneth Sanderfer's book Created for Connection, this marriage workshop will explore the foundation of marriage from a biblical perspective. Working through the lens of Emotionally Focused Therapy, the workshop will involve a brief time of teaching, video learning, and practical relational skills building. The goal of the class is to help couples strengthen the attachment bond in their marriage.

Intro to the Kirk (Membership Class)
Teachers: Jonathan Jakes, Mike Kennison, and Ben Porter
Location: Room 213