S P R I N G 2 0 1 9 C L A S S E S | May 12–June 30

Six Big Ideas for the Christian Life | Dan Dorini | Fellowship Hall

Big Ideas Schedule-01.png

The Music Class | George Bryan | Chapel

It has been said that music is the shorthand of emotion. This class will explore how music shapes us as we look at the biblical command to sing and the role music plays in a corporate worship setting.  

Honest Evangelism | Ben Kirkpatrick, Tommy Hannah, and Michael Gibbons | Room 213

We will be reading and discussing ‘Honest Evangelism’ by Rico Tice. The aim of the class will be to further equip people to intentionally share their hope within their spheres of daily life. We will seek to accomplish this through communal prayers, private reading (of ‘Honest Evangelism’), group discussion, and sincere encouragement.