For those who desire a worship option for their preschool-aged children (3 year olds and up), the Kirk provides a worship experience at the child's developmental level from 10:00–11:15 am each Sunday morning. 

Children’s Worship (3 year olds and up) 

You have two options: 

Option #1: Attend the regular worship service: 

  • For our youngest group, we provide a small clipboard, crayons, and paper, so children can draw pictures of what they see and hear during worship.

  • For older children, we provide the Worship Worksheet, which is used in conjunction with the bulletin and helps guide children in learning the parts of the worship Service.

Option #2: Attend Children's Worship

  • Children walk with the Children's Ministry flag to the Chapel and experience an age-appropriate worship service called Let's BUILD a Worship Service. Children will learn the parts of a worship service as we worship together. We're assisted by an elder as well as a God's Word teacher. The other jobs, including singer, musicians, and ushers, are performed by the children themselves.