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Packing List

  1. Sleeping Bag/Pillow/Air Mattress - There will be some couches to sleep on, but most people will be on the floor, so plan accordingly.

  2. Toiletries - Shower stuff, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact/glasses, etc.

  3. 2 Towels

  4. Clothing - Friday clothes (City Museum), Saturday Clothes (3 sets - Color Run, Yard Work, Post-shower clothes), Sunday Clothes (Church service - slightly more casual than The Kirk)

  5. Bible, Notebook, Pen

  6. Sweatshirt - It is going to be cold on Saturday

  7. Remember: No Cell Phones for Middle Schoolers on this trip

  8. Necessary Medication (we will have first aid kit-type meds)

LEader Contact Info

Andrew Schonhoff - 314-402-6366

Susan Needler - 314-625-2381

Ben Glass - 314-691-0500

Carrie Spencer - 314-922-0933

Full Itinerary

Friday, October 11

6pm- Arrive at Kirk

6-7pm- Dinner and Gym Time

7pm- Leave for City Museum

7-9:30pm- City Museum

9:30pm- Leave City Museum for UUMC

9:30pm- Settle In/Team Meeting/Games/Sleep

Saturday, October 12

7:30am- Wake Up, Breakfast, Team Meeting, Leave for Kirk

9:00- Leave for Kirk

9:30am-12:30pm- Kirk Day School Color Run volunteers

12:30pm- Lunch and change clothes

1:30-4:30pm- Congregational Care- Yard Cleanup

5:00-6:30pm- Showers (Girls at Needlers, Boys at Youth House)

6:30pm- Dinner

8:00pm- Guest Testimony back at UUMC

8:30pm- Team Meeting/Prayer

9:00pm- Games/Sleep

Sunday, October 13

7:30am- Wake Up, Pack/Load Vans, Breakfast, Team Meeting, Prayer

10:30am- Grace and Peace church service

11:45am- Head back to Kirk

12pm- Pickup at Kirk

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