"Kirk" is an old Scottish word meaning "church."  

We like to trace our roots back to the 16th century when the protestant reformation ignited across Europe bringing the truths of scripture to common men and women. Presbyterianism specifically finds its roots in Scotland. Hence our name.

Our congregation specifically began in 1966 at our current location, though at that time the sanctuary was our current chapel. In 1982 we became a part of the Presbyterian Church in America since it holds unwaveringly to the belief that the Bible is God's holy and infallible word and that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. These are core beliefs that we still hold today. Since then our church and our denomination have continued to grow as the Lord has given us the ability.

We are thankful for our many years of ministering to families and individuals. Many that have grown up here are now raising their families here as we believe that church isn't just a place to go on Sundays, but a community that has been created by God himself to live life together as we grow in what it means to be called the redeemed people of God.

One of the core tenets of the gospel is that we are free to come to God through Jesus. There are no entry fees, degree requirements, or shameful secrets that can disqualify us. We are merely told to repent and believe. Likewise, these are the things that make us a church. If this describes you, or are interested in learning what this gospel looks like, we'd love for you to join us.