Japan Missions Team 2019

The Kirk Student Ministry will be taking their biennial international missions trip to Nagoya, Japan where Kirk of the Hills supported missionaries, Brooks and Riva Cain, serve their community for the sake of the Gospel. The Japan Missions Team is looking to serve Brooks and Riva as they continue in their mission to live and preach the Gospel to missionary families and local Japanese students. Find out more about how we will be serving Brooks and Riva through our trip updates below.


meet the team

We have 12 members on the Japan Missions Team and each member brings their own gifts. Each team member was specifically selected to be a part of the group because of their gifts, their faith development, and desire to serve in missions. Find out more about our team here.


updates on the Trip

Do you want to keep up to date on what is happening with the Japan Missions Team? This is the best place to keep track of what the team is doing as we prepare to go on the trip, find trip updates, and keep track of what we are doing while we are in Japan. Be sure to follow us to get the latest updates.


send the team

Each missions trip takes two types of people. It takes the one who is sent and it takes a sender. No one could serve on the mission field if it weren’t for those that sent the missionaries. Find out how you can send this missions team and be a part of our missions team by sending these 12 team members into the mission field.