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Staff Openings

Male Student Ministry Intern

10 Hours/Week $10/Hour - negotiable based off of experience

Where are you being called? How do you think God is going to best utilize you to further His Kingdom? We want to help you answer your call and provide a space for you to pursue your call. One of our greatest passions is raising up youth leaders who are passionate about making the Gospel accessible, desirable, and unforgettable among high school and middle school students and our hope is that you will join us in our efforts.

This internship is a great opportunity to get real ministry experience, fulfill your seminary requirements, and harness a passion for youth ministry. You would get to work alongside other seminary students, experienced youth workers, and worship among an amazing congregation at the Kirk.

Job Description

This position is specifically focused on seminary students to provide an extension of their education into the field that they may one day encounter after graduation. It gives the seminary student immediate context and places of application for the content they will be learning through their seminary courses. The internship will provide a routine schedule that is predictable and complimentary to your seminary class schedule, but it provides enough variety to maintain its realistic application of life in ministry.

Job Requirements

10 hours/week (with opportunities for more hours at retreats, conferences, events)

Teaching | Sunday mornings/Sunday nights - 1 Hour

Discipleship | Sunday nights/Midweek - 4 Hours

Ministry Development | Weekly - 3 Hours Applying Ministry Gifts - Weekly - 2 Hours

This internship will facilitate weekly opportunities to learn, engage, and apply expected ministry experiences. We will spend time assessing your ministry gifts and providing you a place to apply those gifts in a low-risk environment where you are encouraged to “fail forward.” You may not be called to do youth ministry forever, but we want to convince you otherwise. All we ask is that you have a heart to make the Gospel known among Middle and High School students.

Contact the Director of Student Ministry (John Spencer) - john.spencer@thekirk.org - with your resume if you are interested.


Volunteering in the Student Ministry at the Kirk is one of the best ways you can participate in helping the Kirk flourish and stand firm for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Our hope is that any volunteer within the Student Ministry is as dedicated to the students as the staff is, but your involvement is as much as you desire it to be. There is space for everyone to volunteer with us, whether it is ongoing or for a one time deal. We hope that you join in on our efforts to make the Gospel known among High School and Middle School students. Here are some ways you can volunteer in the Student Ministry.

Outreach Assessing the needs within your community. We need parents, students, and leaders to be present within the community just as much as we need our youth staff to be present. We actually rely heavily on the work of our volunteers to let us know what is going on in the community and making the connections outside of the walls of the Kirk. If you have a heart to bring outsiders into the Church or let the lost know who Jesus is, we would love to work alongside you and assist you as you go out into your community to share the Gospel. We would also love to work with you to bridge the gap between the Kirk and the communities that surround us. If you are involved in any of our 6 Area Schools or involved in some other ministry that focuses on youth, we want to be your partner.

Ways to Volunteer in Student Outreach

Get Involved in our 6 Area Schools (Whitfield, Parkway Central, Parkway North, Parkway West, Westminster and Kirkwood)

Get Involved in Outreach Ministries YoungLife

Hospitality Do you love to host or do you love to cook? We have a huge need of expanding this network. We are often looking for people to host events, cook for events, or provide resources that will help facilitate any of the events on our calendar. We love the support that we get through our volunteers in this part of our ministry. We love to have homes available to host events or small groups. We rely heavily on you all to provide a lot of meals for our annual events, Sunday Night Fellowship, and D-Group events and we are so grateful in God’s use of your hands and resources. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of Hospitality Team and we would love to utilize your gifts for the sake of this ministry.

Ways to Volunteer in Student Hospitality - Host an Event - Provide Food for an Event - Sign-Up to Provide Dinner for SNF - Invite New Families to an Event - Make Resources Accessible

Discipleship We are currently seeking to grow our numbers for volunteers and this is where we could use the most help. We need chaperones for events, D-Group leaders, and teachers for our Sunday Morning Sessions. If you would like to be on the ground with the students, we would love to put you to work. That being said, we are very picky with who we have to be a part of Discipleship Team. We want people who love being with students, can get to know the hearts of students, and are willing to walk alongside students as they navigate what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus. If you would like to be a part of the Discipleship Team and cannot commit that much time or you are unsure of how much time you are willing to commit, we ask that you begin by exploring being a teacher on Sunday mornings or chaperoning a one time event. If you would like to dive right in and begin cultivating lifelong relationships with students, we want to encourage you to look into being a D-Group Leader. You can find out more about D-Groups and being a D-Group Leader on the Student Ministry page.

Ways to Volunteer in Student Discipleship Become a D-Group Leader

Teach during our Sunday Morning Session

Chaperone an Event

Missions Student Missions is a unique opportunity to share your gifts as a missionary in your own backyard. You may never be called to be an international missionary but you may be living very missionally and we want you on our team for Student Missions because you will provide for us insight, inspiration, and access to resources that may not be utilized in other places. Our area for Student Missions needs people to influence our missions curriculum, connect us to missionaries, and pray that we are raising future missionaries.

Ways to Volunteer in Student Missions

Connect us to Missionaries

Network for our Missions Events

Develop Missions Curriculum

D-Group Leader A D-Group or Discipleship Group Leader is someone who has a desire to see Middle School and High School students grow closer to Jesus and would like to be a part of the ongoing process of cultivating relationships that model Jesus’ relationship and His disciples. If you are interested in developing relationships among either Middle or High School students and providing a lasting effect in their relationship with Jesus, be sure to check out all the content below to get more information about what it means to be a D-Group Leader in the Kirk Student Ministry and make sure you contact any of the Student Ministry staff of your interest. D-Group Job Description


Are you a current 6th-12th Grade Student and are you looking for ways to serve? There are so many ways that students at the Kirk are already serving and we are always eager to help all of our students find ways they can serve their own ministry and the larger body of believers. Check out some ways that you can serve your church.

Hospitality Team The Hospitality Team is a regular way to serve the larger body of the Kirk. Every 5th Sunday, the Student Ministry has the opportunity to serve the rest of the congregation. On these Sundays we get to serve as greeters at all the entrances to the Kirk and entrances into the Sanctuary. We also serve ushers who hand out the worship service bulletins and hand out the offering plates during the offertory. This does not seem like much, but the congregation loves to see students serving, but more importantly, they just want to know who you are and this is a way that you become known by the congregation. Join us every 5th Sunday at 9:40am just outside the Sanctuary to find a place to serve on the Hospitality Team.

Music Ministry The music ministry is always looking for willing participants. There are ways to participate as a member of the band or the choir. If you would rather be behind the scenes, there is room to be trained as a worship service technician. We need people to run the cameras, audio, and maintain general actestics on Sunday morning. The Student Ministry, is also, always looking for more musicians to liven up its sounds on Sunday nights. If Sunday morning is too big of a crowd for you, we would love to have you with us for Sunday Night Fellowship participating as a musician during the Student worship service.

Children's Ministry The Children's Ministry loves to have an extra set of hands serving in the Nursery and Children's Worship on Sunday mornings. Our Children's Ministry Director would love to train more volunteers to serve in these capacities, in order to create safer environments among our children and to relieve the need to have the same people in the nursery and Children's Worship every Sunday. Your willingness to serve in the Children's Ministry goes a long way in serving the larger body of the Kirk and serving God’s Kingdom. Let us know of you willingness to serve in the Children's Ministry.

Care Ministry This is a unique way to serve those that spend so much of their life serving the church. We want to establish a regular care system for the workers and servants of the Kirk. We would love for anyone who loves to bake, cook, write, or draw to offer their time thinking about providing a baked good, a thank you letter, or a drawing that shows your appreciation for the work and service that you see other doing around the Kirk. Please let us know if you have any desire or gift that would benefit this area of service.

Babysitting This sounds like a basic job, but there are so many people around the Kirk that are in need of a good babysitter and we believe that there is no better place to look than the Kirk Student Ministry. If you love being with kids and would not mind relieving some parents for a few hours to go on a date, run some errands, or just take a night off, it would go a long way in serving your church. If you would like to be put on our list of potential babysitters, please let us know of your interest.

Junior D-Group Leaders Many of our students have experienced what it means to be a part of a D-Group, but have you felt like you would like to be a part of leading one? There are a few opportunities to serve as a Junior D-Group leader, where you will have the opportunity to pour into the lives of younger students in the same way someone has poured into your life. This is not for everyone, but we know that some would thrive with the opportunity to disciple someone younger than themselves and we want to make sure we are providing an opportunity for those who feel called to serve in this way to find a place to serve. If you believe that being a Junior D-Group Leader is where you feel called to serve, let us know.

Youth House Maintenance Some of you love the idea of getting your hands dirty or rummaging through relics in the process of cleaning out old, inherited spaces. We have a place for you. There are weeds constantly needed to be pulled, walls to be painted, storage spaces cleaned out, and general building maintenance required to run the youth house and we would love to have the students that use the space to be the ones that take ownership of it and maintain its glory. If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and coming up with creative ideas to make the youth house what it needs to be, we want you hand in labor. There are no specific work days. If you have a desire to help and day to help out, we will find work for you and put you to work.

Youth Care Room The Youth Room, room 110, is ours and we hope to maintain a level of cleanliness in that space. Our cleaning crews do a good job of keeping the carpets clean and removing trash, but we want to make sure the room maintains an orderly manner, which includes moving furniture to it intended space, cleaning out old food from the cabinets, organizing and stocking paper goods, and looking for resident trash and food. This simple job will help maintain that the youth room remains a room for youth ministry and not space to keep trash or store old furniture. This job can be done by working in less than 30 minutes after events and it would go a long way to steward well the space given to us. Let us know if you would like to take ownership of this job.


We are very fortunate and humbled by the people of the Kirk who generously give, donate, and tithe their own resources to help maintain the ministry that we believe God is calling us to. A portion of those resources are distributed to the Student Ministry and we are grateful for any source of financial backing to support the ministry that we feel called to do. Even with those resources, there are other ways that we rely on your generosity to maintain that the ministry is serving at its full capacity. Part of how God wants us to show our faithfulness to Him is to let Him know how much we need Him and rely on Him. Likewise, we want to show our faithfulness to you all as servants of the Lord by letting you all know the ways that you support us and how you can continue to support us.

Missions Trips Any missions trip taken by the Student Ministry is almost entirely funded by the generosity of individual donors. We provide several fundraisers where we seek to fulfill the support raising process, but we rarely provide an opportunity for you all to just give out of your own heart and to support future missionaries being trained and inspired to seek and serve where they feel called. Learn more about our upcoming missions trip through following our Student Ministry Blog, Youtube page, and Instagram account. There, you will find out why your support is so important. If you would like to give towards any of our upcoming missions trips, follow the information below.

Student Sponsorships Every year we have several events that can put pressure on a lot of peoples’ budgets and every year we have students and families who come to us that are in need of event scholarships. The Student Ministry has set aside a certain amount within our budget to provide scholarships for a limited amount of students and every year we have to make the decision to go over budget in this are or turn someone down to receive a scholarship.

We have 7 events a year that usually receives anywhere from 1 to 7 scholarship requests. These events cost anywhere from $50-$600. We could easily spend half of our annual budget handing out scholarships for events, but in order to make sure that we do not exclude any student because of their ability to pay for an event, we either look to our budget to pay for a student or we ask people to provide a sponsorship for a student. We are in need of your help to provide scholarships for students that would not be able to attend events without your generosity. There are ways to specify who you would like to provide a scholarship for or which event you would love to support down below.

Youth House Updates Years ago, the Student Ministry were the recipients of a very generous gift, which is the Youth House. It continues to serve the Student Ministry and the larger part of the Kirk in several capacities. That being said, there are several ways where we can make the Youth House more than what it is now. It is in need of some updates, additions, teardowns, and some good landscaping. All of these things cost money and we are relying solely on specific donations to see these things become a reality. The Youth House has a ton of potential to be the inviting ‘front porch’ of the Kirk and we have so many projects to work on to make sure that it can serve to its full capacity. Here are a few ways that we are hoping to make the Youth House all that it can be.

❏ Finish the garage into game room/small meeting space ❏ Fill the garage with fun games

❏ Extend and finish the front porch to be more inviting ❏ Add a ranch-style fence around the property to give it a sense of depth & property line

❏ Add a deck for outdoor meeting space/outside stage off of the garage

❏ Remodel the kitchen

❏ Remodel the upstairs bathroom

❏ Open up the basement into one large room (relocate water heater/furnace)

❏ Paint Interior

❏ Paint Exterior

If you would like to give to any of these projects or have ideas of making the Youth House more of what it needs to be, please follow instructions on how to give below or reach out to any of the Youth Staff with your ideas.

Youth Room Updates The Youth Room is a well-loved space among our students. We love having the space and use it frequently. Our biggest need in the Youth Room is making it our own and filling it with furniture that is efficient within the space, comfortable for long periods of time, inviting for groups to desire to be in there, and easily maintained and cleaned. The room is a great location in the Kirk to do Student Ministry and we have been given a lot of freedom to make sure that the room feels like home to do youth ministry, but we lack the furniture to use the space appropriately. If you would like to donate towards acquiring furniture that is fitting for the space, check out down below on ways to give.

Event Reources We are always looking for ways to do our events in bigger and in better ways. One of those ways is through our annual High School conference trip to Florida. We have been fortunate enough to take a Charter Bus to and from the event, which assures better safety from a professional driver, adequate space to transport all of our students, and opportunities to do better ministry to and from the conference. This expense is mostly provided by people who specifically donate for our transportation. We are always searching for people who are willing to donate on behalf of this event in order to assure all the things we listed above. However, we are always looking for ways to add this element to all of our events. If there is any way you feel like you can support to this area of need, by providing certain lodging, transportation, or access to certain facilities, we would love to hear from you and we are always grateful for you generosity. There are ways to note your donation down below and let us know if you may have any unique ideas that would provide any resources for our events.

How to Give:


Do you consider yourself a ‘prayer warrior’ or someone who spends a lot of time in prayer? Are you looking for specific ways to pray or ways to get involved in the Student Ministry, but you feel like the only time or energy you have is through prayer? Great! We need you to be praying for this part of the Kirk. The Student Ministry needs constant prayer, whether known or unknown, and we want to invite you to pray for and with us. Below is a list of ways you can be praying for us. We try to update it weekly, either by adding to the list, removing from the list, or showing how prayers have been answered. Take the time to look over our prayer needs and bring them to the Lord. “But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill.” - Psalm 3:3-4

Your privacy is our biggest priority. However, if you want to let your prayer request to be known, we will post it under our 'prayer warriors' page and notify anyone that may be concerned of your prayer request and to have them pray for you.