Did you receive our text reminders this past weekend?

We had a lot to communicate this past weekend because this winter has been crazy. In the 12 years that I have worked in ministry, I do not think there have been this many events/programs/services combined cancellations that compare to this winter. Nonetheless, we have set up several ways of communicating to you all and one of those ways is through our Text Reminders, which was our main source of communication this past weekend.

If you did not receive our text reminders this weekend and would like to be added to our list, click below.


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This event is just for you. We highly encourage you all to register for this conference. This conference is meant to help and encourage all parents and influencers of teenagers to have the hard conversations with the teens in their life. Your teen is going to be confronted with a lot of difficult decisions as well as a lot of conflicting content to the Christian message. Our role as influencers is not to hide our teenagers from these things, but to protect them from these things. This conference will distinguish what we mean between the two, as well as providing you all with a lot of other tools when navigating the difficult conversations . Find more details on our event info page and make sure you register today.

New Podcast on Singleness: Jenilyn Swett

We have all been single, but we often forget what it is like or we are trying to move teenagers out of singleness too quickly. Jenilyn sits down with us to talk about how we can affirm our teenagers on being single.  This is our second episode of our four part series leading up to our Hawks & Hornets Conference where The “Talk’ Does Not Stop.

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We will cover all of the content for all of our classes that we missed this past week.


We will continue working as a group this Sunday during SMS. Our theme this week is Spiritual Development. What does it look like to be an Old Testament Missionary? How did God call His first people to missionaries?


Amos: Who is he? What was his message? How does/did he echo the heart of God?


Question 15: Since no one can keep the law, what is its purpose?


Both Middle School and High School groups will meet in their regular places at their regular times.

Middle School

D Group Date Night - The night will focus on connecting students in the way that God has called us to connect. We will point out parts of relationship that are arbitrary while directing students to seek Christ as the center of every relationship they pursue. Our D Group Date Nights are fun, challenging, and very intentional. All Middle Schoolers should join us in the Youth Room at 5pm this Sunday to receive instruction for the evening. 5-7pm in the Youth Room.

High School

Love Month Topic: Biblical Relationships - All High School students should join us this Sunday to engage in our normal Sunday Night Fellowship. This week, the topic of discussion is Biblical Relationships. How should a high school student pursue relationship? Why are we so bad at relating to one another? What is the pathway to better relationship? Come and listen to our leaders and engage in discussion over the topic of Biblical Relationship this Sunday. 5-8pm at the Youth House.

Discipleship Groups (D Groups)

Please contact your D Group leader on details for this week’s meeting.

If you are looking for a way to connect more in the Student Ministry and wanting to grow in your relationship with other students and Christ, think about joining a D Group. Connect with our leadership to see what your D Group is doing.


We are praying for you all this week. We know that we are heading into President’s Day Weekend, which could mean a lot of fun activities for you all, a time to catch up on some work, take a nap, or, for some, it is actually less restful to take a break and change up routine. No matter what your week and weekend up ahead looks like, we are here for you all.

Please let us know how we can come alongside you.

Peace & Joy,

KSM Staff