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Did you know that you can find our annual calendar on the KSM website?

When we decided to update the Kirk Student Ministry page on the Kirk website, we knew that we had to implement a few things that were not negotiable. One of the biggest additions to the KSM website is our annual calendar.

We are always looking for ways to communicate better to our people about what is going on in the Kirk Student Ministry and one of the best ways is through this calendar. We review and update it every week, so be sure to reference the calendar whenever you are referencing your family’s calendar. You can find our live annual calendar on our main page when you scroll all the way down.

Annual Events

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Calling all High School Students

Wednesday, February 20th

We are having our High School D Group Date Night this Wednesday. It is nothing to be intimidated about. You can even wear sweatpants if you want! This is just a Wednesday night for all High School students, girls and guys, to go out as a group, have fun, have intentional conversation, and practice what we are talking about on Sunday nights. If you are wanting more details about the High School D Group Date Night, please contact Jonathan Jakes ( or Celena Dayoub (

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We hope to see all our Dads at Dads Night. The night is for any Dad of any teen. This is a great night to connect with the male leaders of the Student Ministry and meet the guys that are pouring into the lives of your teenager. It will be a great night to connect and have intentional conversation over food and drinks. Appetizers are on us, but feel free to grab anything else for yourself during the evening.

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Announcing our Keynote Speakers

Mollie Pfuetze


Ashley Wilkinson

Mollie and Ashley come to us as counselors who have years of experience working with youth and parents. Mollie is the current Middle School Guidance Counselor at Westminster Christian Academy. She spends most of her days working with a lot the families that we minister to during the difficult years of Middle School. Ashley is someone who was raised in youth culture, growing up and growing in Reformed Youth Ministries, a ministry that we participate in. Ashley, now, brings her experience into the counseling world and works with families within our St. Louis community through the brokenness of complex relationships.

If you are wanting to hear from Mollie and Ashley on how we can better enter into the lives of teenagers, we encourage you to sign up for the conference. If you are wanting to sign up or find more details about the conference, click the link below or the image above.

NEW PODCAST ON sexual identity: stephen moss

How do we enter into the cultural hot topic of sexual identity as Christians?  How do we engage with with someone who is same sex attracted?  Stephen comes from a very unique perspective and provides insight from his seminary training, professional work, personal experience and struggles.  This is our third episode of our four part series leading up to our Hawks & Hornets Conference where The “Talk’ Does Not Stop.

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Our theme this week is Cultural Engagement. What does it look it look like to dive into the Japanese Culture?


Obadiah: Who is he? What was his message? How does/did he echo the heart of God?


Question 16: What is sin?



Both Middle School and High School groups will meet in their regular places at their regular times.


Love Month Topic: Dating - We will spend the evening like most of our Sunday Night Fellowships with food, games, d groups and worship, but our topic of this week is dating. We will sit with some of our leaders and have a prepared Q&A time about dating. What is dating? What is good about it? What does the Bible say about it? Where have we gone wrong? etc.


Love Month Topic: Dating - We will spend the evening like most of our Sunday Night Fellowships with food, games, d groups and worship, but our topic of this week is dating. High School will debrief their D Group Date Night and have an opportunity to ask their own questions, anonymously, to the panel of leaders on all things dating.



Please contact your D Group leader on details for this week’s meeting.

If you are looking for a way to connect more in the Student Ministry and wanting to grow in your relationship with other students and Christ, think about joining a D Group. Connect with our leadership to see what your D Group is doing.


It has been such a joy to serve you all this winter and we are really look forward to the spring with all of you and to better and more consistent weather.

We have many ways for you to connect now and many more ways to connect in the coming months. We hope that you all get excited about what we have coming up and please feel free to come to us with any of your questions.

Peace & Joy,

KSM Staff