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Super Bowl Party

We just have to say, that the party was incredible. Thank you to all of our families that helped make it happen and a special thank you to the Mann family for opening up their home and letting 50+ students and leaders invade your space. We are seriously humbled and deeply grateful for all of the families within the ministry. You are all so invested and make the Kirk Student Ministry what it is. Thank you to all who made the SBP what it was and thank you all for continuing to show up, participate, and serve with what the Lord has gifted you with.

Love Month

We are here. We finally made it to February and we cannot be more excited for all of the events, programs, conversations, and meetings we will be having this month. Do you want more information about love month? Check out the details here.

Middle School D-Group Date Night

During the SNF time for the Middle School group, we will have a focused evening on relationships. What is special about this evening is that we will take the whole night and focus on what it means to pursue one another as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. There are four parts to the evening.

D Group Date Night.png

High School SNF

High School SNF will be like normal. They will meet at the Youth House from 5-8pm. As participants of Love Month, their topic of discussion, as a group, will be Biblical Relationships. What does the Bible teach us about relationships?

Sunday Morning Sessions (SMS)

Serving in Japan

We will continue working as a group this Sunday during SMS. Our theme this week is Spiritual Development. What does it look like to be an Old Testament Missionary? How did God call His first people to missionaries?

Minor Prophets

Amos: Who is he? What was his message? How does/did he echo the heart of God?

Essentials: Questions of the Faith

Question 15: Since no one can keep the law, what is its purpose?


We have something for you all every week this month. We hope you check out our podcasts. We brought on some amazing guests to help navigate the tricky waters of relationships with teenagers. Our first podcast is up and we encourage you to check it out. Find ways to connect to our podcast on our Connect page.

We also have all the updated information you need about our Hawks & Hornets conference on our Event Info page. Find out about the conference here.

That is it for this week. You made it through our first blog post. We navigated the sea of technology together and we are hoping to continue on with more adventures up ahead. It is always a joy to serve alongside you all.

Peace & Joy,

KSM Staff