Who We Are

All students—from Kirk families or beyond—6th–12th grade.

Vision: What is our hope?

By God’s grace and for His glory, we desire to impact our community and the world by raising up disciples of Jesus Christ, who are genuinely transformed by the Gospel, know and enjoy God, and are equipped and eager to love and serve others in word and deed.

Mission: What is our plan?

Our aim is to foster a community of developing relationships in which we experience opportunities for growth in the reading and teaching of God’s Word, prayer, partaking of the sacraments, worship of God, service to others, fellowship with one another, and discipleship training.

Top-Ten Core Values: What drives our mission to fulfill our vision?

  • the glory of the Triune God
  • Christ-centeredness
  • rooted in Scripture
  • prayerfully dependent on God’s grace and mercy
  • worship in service/play/work/rest/fellowship
  • authentic relationships
  • church-supported
  • family-affirming
  • discipleship
  • God’s world mission


What We Do

The Kirk Student Ministry engages in three weekly meetings during the school-year, two weekly meetings during the Summer, and offers three special events throughout the year for both the Middle School and High School groups.

Sunday Morning Sessions [SMS]:

SMS Teaching Series | Spring 2018 | “A New Creation”

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” - 2 Corinthians 5:17

We will be spending this semester discussing what it means to be a new creation in Christ.  The love of Jesus and the promises of God ensure a new life for those that are saved by the grace of Christ.  When we become Christians, it is not only our beliefs that change.  The way we think, interact, behave, speak...everything about us changes.  We are spending the semester discussing this, acting on this, and exploring how this is true.  

Middle School: We are using Scripture to guide us through three main questions that will help us discover how we are a new creation in Christ.

  • Identity: Who am I?
  • Belonging: Where do I belong?
  • Purpose: Why am I here?

High School: We are using Scripture to guide us through five topics and themes that address how each of us are uniquely designed to participate in the building up of the Kingdom of God as individuals and cooperatively.  

  • Gifts of the Body: How has God made us?
  • Gifts of the Spirit: How has God equipped us?
  • Our Personality: How do we function?
  • Our Passions: Where are we most useful?
  • Our Values: What do we prioritize?

Sunday Night Fellowship [SNF]:
Sunday Night D-Groups have allowed the students to put into practice what they learned on Sunday Mornings.  For those that miss the mornings, we recap on Sunday nights. We spend our small group time in the “Hot Seat.”  One person gets asked questions while the others practice asking the questions.

  • most Sundays, 5:00–8:00 pm
    • 5:00–5:45 pm – Dinner
    • 5:45–6:45 pm – Games
    • 6:45–700 pm – Buffer Time
    • 7:00–7:25 pm – Worship & Devotional
    • 7:25–8:00 pm – D-Groups
  • all 6th–12th grade students
  • meet at the Youth House, #110
  • free dinner, games, worship, and time with D-Groups
  • If you have questions about the new SNF schedule, please reference the video link below.

Discipleship Groups [D-Groups]:

  • Two opportunities a week to meet with you D-Group
    • Sundays during SNF – a time to talk and disciple with one another
    • During the week, set location and time made by D-Group leader – time to play and interact with one another catered specifically to each group's needs
  • all 6th–12th grade students
  • a time to discuss and live what true Christian fellowship looks like
  • meet in the Youth Room, #110
  • discipleship-based, gender-based, grade-based, small-group Bible study
  • contact any of the youth staff for leader, group, and room assignments

Other Opportunities:

We have monthly events and other opportunities to get involved in the Kirk Student Ministry such as, local missions, global missions, concerts, sporting events, movie nights, river-float trips, semester weekend trips, summer trips, interacting with our Kirk family.

Please keep on the lookout for any updates pertaining to our monthly events or check out our most recent video that will cue you in to what is coming up in the Student Ministry. You can find the video below or on the Events Page.

SrHi RYM Video:


Who Leads Us

John Spencer
Student Ministry Coordinator

Jonathan Jakes
Assistant Student Ministry Coordinator

Susan Needler
Student Ministry Assistant