Whoever welcomes one of these little ones in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the One who sent me.
— Mark 9:37

How We Serve You

The Kirk's Nursery cares for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old for Sunday worship, K-Groups, Bible studies, Wednesday evening activities, and various other times. Our staff includes a combination of paid nursery workers and volunteers from our congregation. Our goal is to offer a loving, safe, and fun environment for your young child while you participate fully in the various activities at the Kirk.

Our Nursery Rooms are divided into Infants, Crawlers, Walkers, and Toddlers. Age-appropriate toys and play equipment can be found in each room and are cleaned after every use. We replace toys and equipment when needed and add new items to the rooms regularly to keep them fun and fresh. If you are new to our Nursery and have a question about which room your child should be in, please ask the Nursery Coordinator.

We take the Safety and Security of our children very seriously and have a system of policies including but not limited to background screenings for nursery workers, staff ID tags, a secure check-in/check-out process, nursery worker/child ratios specific to the ages of the children in each room, emergency exit plans, cpr and first aid training for our staff, frequent deep-cleaning and sanitization procedures, and a Nursery leader on Sundays to insure all the guidelines are followed and to assist parents and volunteers with any needs. Our Nursery Coordinator or her assistant is on site to answer any questions/concerns you may have during nursery hours.

How you can help us serve you

  • Please make sure your child is well when using the Nursery.
  • Please label all items dropped off with your child including diaper bags, pacifiers, bottles, and cups, etc.
  • Please put your child's name tag on them before dropping off your child. Be sure to keep the ID code sticker and turn it in when you pick up your child.
  • Please remember to feed your child before dropping them off in the Nursery and send food with them if they arrive during a mealtime. We ask that you give any special feeding instructions to nursery staff and note that we prefer nut-free food items in order to help us protect those with allergies.
  • Please remember that only parents and approved pick-up individuals will be allowed to pick up children from the Nursery. You need to present your ID code sticker before we will release your child to you. If you need to pick up multiple children, please show us the ID code at the first nursery door and retain it so that you can use it again for the next child.


For a detailed list of the Kirk's Nursery policies, please pick up a Nursery booklet in the Church Office.



If at any time you have comments or questions concerning the Nursery, please contact Leah Jakes, Nursery Coordinator.