In general, only members may have their weddings at the Kirk. An exception to this rule may be possible if a non-member has some connection to the Kirk through family relationships, employment at the Kirk Day School/Church Office, or membership at another PCA church. Such an exception must be approved by the Kirk's Worship Team, and non-members are subject to higher fees.

Premarital counseling is a regular part of the church’s routine and is required of those being married at the Kirk. Some couples planning their marriage live away from St. Louis and so are usually asked to make arrangements with a counseling agency acceptable to the marrying pastor. But usually the required counseling will take place through the church. Our normal practice is to use the services of a local trusted counseling ministry. After an initial meeting with the pastor performing their marriage, couples are asked to contact a counseling provider to make arrangements for the six-week program. Program costs are the responsibility of the couple for non-members—the Kirk will pay $350 toward the total cost for members.

For more information or to tentatively reserve a date for your wedding, please call the Church Office, 314.434.0753 or email Kathy Jeffers.